Guy Lee has written and published four books: The Guy Lee Guitar Method, Bass Guitar Riffs, Easy Christmas Guitar and How To Make A  Living Teaching Guitar. In 2008 he released two all instrumental guitar-oriented CDs, The Hurricane Waltz and Christmas! Guitar-Style. Also arranging and recording his new series "Cool Backing Tracks'. Volumes 1 & 2 are available with 13 more volumes on the way.He is also a music journalist with over 300 published articles in Vintage Guitar, 20th Century Guitar, Premier Guitar, Goldmine, Home Recording, American Songwriter, Bassics and several newspapers. A Berklee College of Music alumni, seminar speaker (Belmont College, NAMM University) and professional guitarist. Formerly a guitar pedal designer/Marketing Director for Xvive Audio out of China.

Guy's books and CDs (or MP3s) are available at iTunes,, cdbaby, and many other outlets.

Listen to selected highlights from both CDs at his MySpace page:

Over 35,000 lessons taught with 12 non-stop years of teaching!
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Guy with Frankie Lee
Books written by Guy Lee 
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Click this link to hear and see Guy's original instrumental "Sirocco" being used for the internet/cable TV show 'A Day In the Life' featuring The Traveling Twosome.
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new songs on iTunes "Gimme Shelter" and "Wheels Within Wheels".