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Live at Captain Hiram's - Sebastian Florida
Guy & Frankie Duo
St. Thomas
Performing at The Cobalt in Vero Beach Florida
Talon Winery Shelbyville KY
Cold Black Coffee
Gimme Shelter
Pretty Cold Outside
01/03/19 Cobalt - Vero Beach FL
01/04/19 Captain Hiram's - Sebastian FL
01/12/19 The Tiki Bar & Grill - Sebastian FL
01/26/19 Private Party - Vero Beach FL
02/10/19 Heaton"s Reef - Vero Beach FL
02/15/19 Captain Hiram’s- Sebastian FL
02/21/19 Cobalt - Vero Beach FL
03/08/19 Pineapple Joe’s - Fort Pierce FL
03/10/19 Heaton’s Reef - Vero Beach FL
04/07/19 Heaton’s Reef - Vero Beach FL 
04/18/19 Cobalt - Vero Beach FL 
04/28/19 Heaton’s Reef - Vero Beach FL
05/12/19 Heaton’s Reef - Vero Beach FL
05/23/19 Cobalt - Vero Beach FL
06/07/19 Filling Station - Melbourne FL 7-10
06/09/19 Heaton’s Reef - Vero Beach FL 2-5
06/14/19 Captain Hiram’s - Sebastian FL 3:30-7:30
06/15/19 Filling Station - Melbourne FL 5-9
06/25/19 Matt’s Casbah - Melbourne FL 6:30-9:30
06/28/19 Filling Station - Melbourne FL 5-9
07/06/19 The Tiki Bar - Sebastian FL 1-5
07/21/19 Heaton’s Reef - Vero Beach FL 2-5
07/25/19 Siggy’s - Palm Bay FL 7-11
08/11/19 Heaton’s Reef - Vero Beach FL 2-5
09/01/19 Heaton’s Reef - Vero BeAch FL 2-5
09/08/19 Heaton’s Reef - Vero Beach FL 2-5
10/12/19 On The Edge - Ft. Pierce FL 1-5
10/26/19 On The Edge - Ft. Pierce FL 1-5
11/02/19 On The Edge - Ft. Pierce FL 1-5
11/16/19 On The Edge - Ft. Pierce FL 1-5
12/14/19 On The Edge - Ft. Pierce FL 1-5
12/28/19 On The Edge - Ft. Pierce FL 1-5

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Performing classic songs from Steely Dan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Hendrix to Etta James as well as Nancy Sinatra, Glen Campbell, Chet Atkins... Using professional backing tracks combined with great vocals and guitar (electric & acoustic), Guy & Frankie present each song with passion, great sounds and fun. Many tunes are performed with just acoustic guitar as well.

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to Guy & Frankie
Frankie Lee is a superb vocalist. She recorded two albums with The Bumper Cables. Lead female vocalist for The Rosedale Revue and sang several songs on their album. Recorded The Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" and released it under Frankie and the Furters (Frankie-vocals, Guy-instruments). "Pretty Cold Outside", an original tune recorded by Guy and Frankie Lee. Both available on iTunes. Currently performing as a duo with Guy. During their duo set her alto ego comes out as Steely Fran (of whom she is a huge fan) and sings "Kid Charlemagne", "My Old School", "Josie"... "Cold Black Coffee" is an original tune.
Guy Lee has written and published five books: Expressive Guitar, The Guy Lee Guitar Method, Bass Guitar Riffs, Easy Christmas Guitar and How To Make A Living Teaching Guitar. In 2008 he released two all instrumental guitar-oriented CDs, "The Hurricane Waltz" and "Christmas! Guitar-Style". 2012 brought Guy's "Songs of George Harrison" guitar tribute album, featuring one song from each of Harrison's solo LPs. Guy has also arranged and recorded his new series "Cool Backing Tracks'. Volumes 1,2 & 3 are available with more volumes on the way. In 2017 he released " Modern Guitar Standards" and "Spiritual Guitar".

He is also a music journalist with over 300 published articles in Vintage Guitar, 20th Century Guitar, Premier Guitar, Goldmine, Home Recording, American Songwriter, Bassics and several newspapers. 'The Guy Wire' was a weekly entertainment newspaper column by Guy Lee. A Berklee College of Music alumni, seminar speaker (Belmont College, NAMM University) and professional guitarist, Guy also worked as a guitar pedal designer/Marketing Director for Xvive Audio.

As a performer he's played all over the USA, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Spain, Palma, Crete, Puerto Rico & China.

Guy's books and music are available at iTunes,, cdbaby, and many other outlets.
Midnight Train To Georgia
Gentle On My Mind
Tiki Bar Sebastion FL