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Songs of George Harrison
One tune from each George Harrison solo album. These guitar-oriented arrangements complement the originals.

'Cool Backing Tracks'
 series from Guy Lee
Christmas! Guitar-Style
Classic yuletide and original songs with guitars arranged as a orchestra. Even the drums are guitars. No synths!

The Hurricane Waltz
Guitar dominated with all 16 original compositions by Guy Lee
"Imagine Kenny Burrell got together with Les Paul, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and Jeff Beck for a jam session, and you might have some insight where guitarist Guy Lee is coming." Progression Magazine 
"The Hurricane Waltz is an impressive instrumental guitar album featuring the Southern and modern style of the talented Guy Lee. The guitar work is amazing on this album – riffs and solos galore."
"If you like guitar instrumental music played with imagination and energy, then you’re going to get a kick out of the latest from Nashville based guitarist Guy Lee. " 
20th Century Guitar Magazine
"Guy lets his hair down for the finale The Hurricane Waltz, allowing himself nearly eight minutes of jazzing around on his Epiphone Joe Pass guitar over a pumping fretless bass line. The highlight, however is In Spite Of which resonates with late ‘60s tones and touches of the Fab Four circa Abbey Road." Pipeline Magazine Instrumental Reviews
All instruments and arrangements by Guy Lee
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Guy Lee recording in a Nashville studio in September 2017

  • For Advanced Guitarists
  • 100 newly imagined guitar riffs
  • Available at iBooks, Amazon, and other digital book services
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